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12/9/2013 01:47:37

"The 1933--1938 the Five Years of Miracle!"
1st the Americans removed the debt of the "Treaty of Versailles"; removing the burden of reparations.
2nd Hitler removed people from the German work-place i.e. Jews, Communists, Atheists and just about anyone who disagreed with him; creating a surplus of employment and large population of slave labour.
3rd America never gave Britain and France the same financial hand-out; they had to pay-back the debt owed to America for World War I (WWI) and the "Treaty of Versailles" was how they were able to afford to do so. Once the German people were debt free it was easy to create wealth as there were no interest payments to make on finances.
4th America interfered with “The League of Nations” when they were not a member of it: They did not apply the sanctions that Britain and France wanted to impose on Italy over the invasion of Abyssinia in 1935, thus giving Hitler a free reign to rearm as no one would oppose him.
5th Re-arming Germany (with financial aid from America) created jobs for the German people: Germany had a stash of arms hidden in Russia from “Treaty of Brest-Litovsk” as well.
6th Britain and France had to use arms and weapons from the end of WWI and were not able to build a new class of weapons like “The Bismarck and Tirpitz” battleships.
This all gave Hitler (Germany) the appearance of a financial miracle, but in reality it shows how all of Europe was manipulated by America rather than being able to out-smart it.


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